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Choco Support is a well-known producer of chocolate and sugar-coated dragées. We also produce a great range of chocolate clusters. Our extensive product range includes not only the traditional chocolate-coated nuts and subtropical fruits; we also use an entire range of freeze-dried fruit, protein crispies and many more innovative centres.

Choco Support is a family business that operates from two efficient, BRC-certified production locations. Our products are currently exported to more than twenty countries both within and outside of Europe and we co-produce for various international parties. We also supply many types of semi-manufactured products for the food industry and supply an extensive range of Private Label products for the retail trade.


We pay considerable attention to product development and our product development department continually develops new products and concepts. Through the years, many different recipes have been created and we already have more than four hundred different products in our product range. Regarding chocolate: we offer not only our own special recipe for milk chocolate, we also supply plain, white and compounds. Moreover, we work with extra plain chocolates (70% cocoa), caramel chocolates and other cocoa specialities.

Our chocolate drageés, sugar-coated drageés and clusters are marketed in wide range of consumer packaging, which we mainly pack in house using our own packaging machines.
Choco Support's enthusiastic team of young developers is ready to translate your idea into an attractive, high-quality chocolate concept!

Sugar-coated dragées

We also produce a great range of coloured sugar-coated dragées.
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How do we make dragées?

How do we make dragées?
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Retail packaging

We have a wide range of packaging available.
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